about this website

This website contains 12 image galleries that I maintain and update as I complete new work. My artwork is produced and presented in a “series” format, with each series having its own gallery and background story or artist statement.

The first 10 galleries showcase my latest work, with each gallery containing one series of images. The galleries are arranged in chronological order, with the first gallery containing my most recent work.

The 11th gallery, from earlier series, contains images from series that are no longer featured in the first 10 galleries and have not yet been put into a blogpost.

The 12th gallery, blog images, contains the images used used for my blog. The posts on my blog are also in chronological order with post number 1 being my earliest, discussing and showing images from 2005.

Not all images from each of my series of work are shown on this website. Please feel free to contact me (Jim) if you would like to inquire about these extra images or anything else related to my photographic work.

To reach me (Jim) by email: Click here.