artist statement: under the skin

Under the Skin (Waterloo, Ontario)

Pine trees, scattered throughout the forest, standing resolutely erect to the sun, stripped bare of their bark. Very few branches and not a needle in sight, save those lying on the ground. The trees are obviously dead, standing there with their inner layers exposed for all to see.

How they came to be like this I could have tried to surmise, but that's not where my thoughts went. I was intrigued with the now-visible inner layers of the trees, the textures, the tones, the lines and shapes, the patterns that were on and imbedded in the surfaces. As I looked more closely, my imagination became engaged and visual stories began to form.

We all look at things differently, relating them to our past experiences and searching for significance in our own way. This is especially true with art. As always, I leave it to the viewer to see what they will.

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