artist statement: perception

Perception (Waterloo, Ontario)

You stop to look at a photograph you have not seen before. You want to make sense of what you are viewing, so subconsciously you ask yourself: What is it a photo of and where was it taken?

Most often the answers come easily and you are able to put the image into a satisfying context. Other times, however, your curiosity takes over and you move in for a closer, more in-depth look.

Questions flow: What is the image about? What could it be or represent? Are you attracted to it? Why? If not, why? …

We all perceive things differently and will have different answers to the questions. Sometimes the lines or shapes or tones attract us. Sometimes the image will remind us of something from the past and feelings will be released. Sometimes our imaginations will engage and take us to strange places, perhaps evoking senses other than sight. Ultimately, though, we usually reach a conclusion, deciding whether or not the photograph holds some sort of significance for us.

My final question: Are the images in this series merely photographs of trees, leaves and sky, or … something more? It’s all about your Perception.

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