artist statement: another look

Another Look (Sifnos, Greece)

I recently attended a group art exhibition titled “Re-Visit”. Participating artists explained that they had taken previously finished pieces of art and reworked them to come up with new creations. This idea intrigued me, but which images of my thousands of photographs would I re-visit and perhaps interpret in a different way?

I decided to focus on work from 2016, Convergence, a series of architectural images photographed on the Greek island of Sifnos.

For me, the true magic of traditional Greek Cycladic architecture comes alive when the Aegean sun carves its path across the sky, emphasizing, in turn, different parts of the structures in different ways. The result is a continuous movement of light and shadow across white stucco surfaces, creating a multitude of constantly changing shapes and tones.

The effects of this motion are what I chose to explore, and this series of double-negative images is the result.

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