Alghero at Night (Alghero, Sardinia)

Situated in the northwest corner of the Italian island of Sardinia is the city of Alghero. The historical centre of the city on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea is composed of a collection of narrow lanes surrounded by medieval walls and towers that have been carefully preserved over the centuries. During the day, the streets of the old town provide an interesting venue for a quiet stroll to browse the shops and breathe in the sea air while enjoying a gelato, or lingering over a beverage at one of the many cafés.

As night falls, however, the atmosphere changes. The streets come alive. People, young and old, spontaneously appear from everywhere and the sounds amplify. It is the time-honoured tradition of the passeggiata and in Alghero it seems that the entire population takes part, flooding the streets, walking back and forth, up and down, and of course, stopping frequently to socialize. It is against this nighttime backdrop in historic old town Alghero, where some streets are teeming with life and others are deserted or nearly so, that these photographs were taken.

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