from Wind and Wave (Lagos, Portugal)

"Wow!" was my immediate utterance as I stood atop the cliffs and surveyed, for the first time, the coastline along the southern edge of the city of Lagos, Portugal. Here, stretching out as far as the eye could see, was a stunning array of rock formations that had been carved out of the sandstone cliffs over the centuries by wind and wave action. Among the eroded cliff walls were recognizable shapes such as towers, caves, tunnels, arches and grottos, and countless others I could not put to name. The structures emanated from the cliff walls and reached out haphazardly into the water, forming small “islands” and fencing off magnificent sand beaches of many different sizes and shapes. A coastal tour boat operator described this coastline as Portugal's premiere natural attraction. I can understand why.

Wandering throughout the area, up and down the cliffs, I was able to gain a sense of the enormity of the structures and hence the natural forces that must have come together to form them. Even so, the reality of their existence still seemed almost beyond belief. It was only when I happened to experience some extremely powerful winds and witness the resulting wave action that I was able to begin to comprehend what had happened to create what I was seeing. This collection of photographs, from Wind and Wave, is my response to this fascinating area.

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